Water Ebook Unit Study by STEAM Explorers

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Come explore our water-filled world with STEAM Explorers! Kids will love learning about our how submarines dive, angler fish glow, water makes music, and more though hands-on science, tech, engineering, art, and math projects.

What's Inside the Water Ebook by STEAM Explorers:

  • Projects: Hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math projects
  • Printables: Fun printables for independent learning and fun
  • Recipes: Delicious recipes that have a learning spin
  • Learning: Interesting reading that helps kids learn about our planet on every page
  • Activity Calendar: A helpful calendar to make adding STEAM to your day simple and fun.
  • Supplies List: A handy supplies list for the month that makes prep easy.
  • BONUS! A coupon to save 25% on a monthly STEAM Explorers subscription. That's where you'll find a kid-safe online portal filled with helpful activity videos, teacher lesson plans, and more.

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You'll get 20+ water-themed STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities for kids!

69.4 MB
43 pages
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